Who Cares About Social Media?

Why should I care about making it fit into my dealership? More importantly, for the skeptical dealer, how will social media ever affect my bottom line? Is that even the point?

Social media has seen highs and lows over the last couple of years when it comes to dealer sentiment. Some dealers have done some amazing things and are selling regularly and directly through social media. Others have invested time and energy without seeing tangible results. Is there an “X-Factor” that separates the two?

The reality is this — there is no secret sauce to social media. There are plenty of sound strategies that work wonders to help dealers achieve goals on social media, but for every sound strategy there are dozens of faulty ones that do not achieve ROI, or help achieve any other goals. Social media’s biggest benefit to the bottom line is in the hyper-targeting abilities it possesses. Dealers can use social media to put strong messages in front of buyers in order to drive them to the website. From there, it can be easily tracked so that the dealer knows how much traffic, leads, and sales they’re getting. Social is great for branding. It’s strong for PR. It’s amazing for communicating. The real juice, however, is in the way that social media can drive buyers to your website. That’s the ROI that dealers have been looking for.

Dealers that are willing to take a deep dive into the way that social media can drive buyers to their website will find out things they never knew. For example, the most powerful posts you can put on Facebook do not even appear on the dealer’s Facebook page. These “dark posts” are utilized to target anyone, whether it’s people from the dealer’s database, those who own a particular vehicle in the local area, and even those who intend to buy a particular vehicle in the near future.

There’s value in keeping up with a strong community presence, highlighting the people and places in the local area that can make for golden content on social media. That’s a part of it. The other part has to do with sales. Dealers that will hear me out on how this works will likely be amazed by the possibilities. Those who let me show them will be amazed by the results.