Millennials Are People Too!

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There are many conversations these days about the often misunderstood Millennial. You know, the generation of entitled hipsters that are too lazy to work hard and always want to go on undeserved vacation.

If you just read that and agree, you’re likely a Baby Boomer or Gen-Xer. If you’re offended and ready to take to Snapchat and call me out, you’re likely a Millennial.

Before you write this article off, hear me out. I’m a Millennial and don’t fit the above description. In fact, I run a business filled with Millennials and I don’t understand how that description is even valid. My team is extremely committed, work hard, and are passionate about what they do.

There are some generational differences that you should know about if you have Millennials in your organization. Let’s take a look at three elements of working with Millennials that will help empower your entire dealership.

1.) Provide Structure

The entrepreneur in me wishes that I could just make assignments to people and have them know everything to do.

Realizing that this is not a Millennial problem, rather, a people problem, I’ve saved myself loads of frustration by creating a clear structure. The more structure I create, the more smoothly my operation runs.

Structure that your team can follow will help your dealership because it’s what they want. Millennials need to see where their career has the potential of going. Having a structure is an excellent way to help them visualize that.

2.) Provide Lots of Positive Feedback

No, this isn’t the “everyone wins at T-ball” mentality. This is an efficient leadership practice. Positive and constructive feedback is the best approach regardless of what generation you’re leading.

Millennials thrive on feedback. Many want it daily. Providing positively reinforced feedback goes hand-in-hand with having structure.

When they know what to do and it’s backed up with feedback, it helps them measure their growth.

3.) Foster a Team Culture

The word ‘team’ is one that we throw around mostly because it makes us feel good about our business operations. But what does it mean?

Millennials are team players. They aren’t like previous ‘lone ranger’ generations who had to do everything on their own to prove their invincibility.

‘Team’ should stand for “Totally Engaged And Motivated.” If you’re falling short of that, you don’t really have a team culture and are missing out!

If you have Millennials on your team, you’re in a great position. With the right guidance and leadership, you can empower your people to take your business into the future with much success.

When you provide structure for your people, regular feedback and encourage a team culture, your customers will notice that the vibe of your store is different. You will be unique. You will be one step ahead of the competition by providing and exceptional experience. You will be empowered to rise above the clutter and dominate your market.

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Michael A. Cirillo
Michael Cirillo is a dad who doubles as a businessman, an entrepreneur who loves the hustle; a Dreamer, who creates reality, and a lifelong student. His digital marketing and consulting agency, FlexDealer, works with dealerships and small/medium businesses around the world to develop digital strategies, websites and content marketing, conversion optimization, SEO, PPC and more. Michael is also the Co-host of The Dealer Playbook Podcast, which features weekly conversations with elite marketers free for today’s automotive professionals. To date, his podcast is listened to by thousands of Automotive professionals in over 50 countries worldwide.