Look at Me…Oh Wait You Can’t!

People who have seen me on Auto Dealer Live or who follow me on Twitter (@konigco) know that I use video as often as possible to connect with my friends, followers, customers and fans. Heck, I even thank every follower on Twitter with a personal video. I use video for everything because it’s fast, it’s cheap, and more important: it helps people F*&KING REMEMBER ME

Every month I see dealers asking “how can we sell more cars?” and “how can we stand out from our competitors besides giving away profit?” and here is a simple answer: Just add video!

There are plenty of simple ways to give your team the power of video in the palm of their hands but for some reason you’re still sitting on your A$$ and thinking about doing video. Let’s face it, you’re sending the same templates from your CRM as many of your competitors and you want to stand out so when are you going to take action? Not sure what to do or say? Send me a message on Twitter and I’ll be happy to help you get started. If you want an advantage over your competition you must create emotional engagement with people and video is the best medium available to make it happen! Plus, you have a powerful video camera built right into your mobile phone.

So take the phone out of your pocket, start committing to video, and you will have more opportunities, more sales and you can start putting more money back in your pocket.

Mat Koenig is an Automotive Industry Veteran, prolific speaker and the author of multiple books on sales and personal growth. He is the CEO of KonigCo & Buscador de Auto helping connect Dealers with Buyers in English and Spanish. For more information on Mat Koenig and his companies visit www.konig.co/mat