Just Press Record

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Every month I hear questions from Dealers and their Sales People regarding the best way to use video to reach more customers and I love it.

But, did you know that video isnʼt just for the people outside of your dealership? A lot of leaders miss out on the full potential of video because theyʼre only focused on a small part of the value. How can you use video internally? Itʼs simple, just use the app for a really cool video email program like AutoVideos ( www.konig.co/followupvideos )…shameless plug but it is awesome, or you could use another tool…you could send a video to someone on your team just to tell them “great job” or “I really appreciate everything that you do for me and for your customers.” You’d be amazed at how far that will go! Once they get that email, theyʼll show everyone else.

Once other see it, theyʼll want to impress you and earn that video high five too! Another thing to think about is the motivational power that video has. Imagine spending 30 seconds before pulling out of your driveway in the morning and recording a motivational video for your sales team with some kick ass music jamming out, and telling them “Weʼre going to rock today because I know we have the best people in the entire country!!!! Letʼs rock & roll folks!” That way, they get it before they get to work. Sure, you may feel a little silly but who cares?!? Itʼs not about you! Itʼs about the people you serve! Video is a powerful medium to show the people that you serve, how much they really mean to you. You have the power to motivate, inspire, and lead people right in the palm of your hand. All you have to do is press record.