Get On Your Grind

Training is one of the most crucial aspects of your life. You must crawl before you
can walk, and walk before you can run, that much is certain. Training and studying
your craft, however, takes a backseat to actually getting up and attempting it.

Each year, companies spend a fortune on various training. Whether this training comes
in the form of books, sessions with experts, industry conventions, or articles such
as this one, people are desperate to get better at whatever it is that they do. I
believe it is important to take notes, ask questions, and listen to those who are
better equipped than you in order to get better. However, there comes a point in
which we must apply our training. Sure, you can sit in a training room and write
down witty phrases that the trainer said, or share with the room what you do and
why it works for you, but at the end of the day, are you really applying the
knowledge that is being given to you? To what extent are you doing this?

Training is important, but if you don’t apply your training to your life, then it will only
result in time and money wasted. Often, I run into people who are reading whatever latest sales or leadership book is out, and assuming that by reading these novels, that it will somehow make their entire life in sales and leadership easier. This is not the case.

You study, you understand, and then you apply.

This is how the process is supposed to go. When you are sitting in a meeting, make sure you are listening to the experts, and not simply there to keep up appearances or because
your boss said it’s important. I believe in the idea that, wherever you are in the world at any given moment, you might as well be fully present. Get the most out of right now
and apply it to your life.

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David Villa
David Villa is the founder and CEO of iPD, a marketing, media and training firm that works with companies of all sizes and industries across the Unites States. He has 20 years of national sales and executive management experience that he brings to his company. Since the company was established in 1995, Villa has been responsible for pioneering, growing and scaling iPD into one of the nation’s leading database management, business development, training, and intelligent marketing companies in the automotive industry and beyond. Not only is he committed to his business, he is dedicated to his faith as a Christ follower, his family, and his employees. He credits his success to those who he’s been privileged enough to call his teammates. David and his wife of 23 years, Diana, started iPD from their bedroom in Tampa, Florida and have three children ranging in age from 16-23. They went from dialing local dealers from their house, to now working with more than 600 companies annually. iPD is now one of the leading direct marketing firms in the U.S. servicing a multitude of industries. Based out of the greater Tampa Bay area, iPD has been in business, and expanding, for 21 years. In addition to being the CEO of iPD, Villa is a published motivational speaker. He specializes his training in the arenas of sales, leadership, and team building. Villa is also a host on “Auto Dealer Live,” a weekly radio show where dealers go to discuss relevant topics in the automotive industry. Villa is also an Amazon best-selling author and editor in chief of iPD’s “Dealer Solutions Magazine”. As lead trainer for iPD’s “Serial Sales Pro” Villa’s passion is the see individuals unlock their God given potential and utilize their talent in its fullest.