Factors Preventing Your Site From Ranking On Google

Your website is one of the most important aspects of your dealership’s overall marketing strategy. People use it to research cars, decide whether or not you have the right car for them, contact you, and find out where you’re located. But if car buyers can’t actually find your dealership when searching for dealerships in your area, how much business are you losing? The following factors could be preventing your dealership from growing, and you might not even realize it.


Website Design and Overall Presentation

With your website, you have an opportunity to present car buyers with everything they need to know  about their vehicle before they even step foot on your lot. Thanks to specs, pictures, and vehicle history reports, a test drive is all someone needs before they’re sold. Your salespeople really just need to be a friendly, guiding part of this process if your website is doing its job.

Without a great design and overall presentation, however, people will be less likely to trust your dealership, and roadblocks will prevent them from moving the car buying process forward. Little things like a lack of fresh inventory photos or vehicle history reports could cause a customer to move on to a different dealership.

Make sure your website is 100% functional and ensure that it doesn’t get in the way of the user finding the information they need from your dealership. You can be the most successful dealership in your area by simply making it easy for people to find a great car and contact you.


Duplicate Content or Other Google Penalty

Who’s keeping track of your website’s analytics? Do you have a Google Webmaster account? How many people are coming to your site from Google and other search engines each month?

If you can’t answer these questions, you need to know who can and ensure they know what they’re doing. Google issues, such as manual action penalties, could be why your site has dipped in rankings or is simply not showing up at all.

One of the biggest reasons Google places a penalty on your site could be duplicate or thin content. Oftentimes, this content is created automatically by your website provider, and the same exact content is likely on hundreds of other dealership sites with minor differences, if any.


Lack of Fresh Content and Inbound Links

In order to build search engine authority, your site needs to act like an authority within its niche. For dealerships, this means becoming a portal for information about the vehicles you sell and services you provide.

To supplement fresh content, you also need links from authoritative websites. Both content and links take expertise and time to produce, as these tasks are not meant to be casually approached by employees with other dedicated roles.

As an experienced SEO company, Wikimotive understands the ins and outs of dealership websites and what it takes to grow or reclaim search engine rankings. Contact us for a free website audit and complete demo of our services.