Everything Starts With Sales


As we all know, hiring the right candidate for the job is easier said than done.  The first issue in the hiring process will be setting the right bait to catch the fish you want. Are you just putting an ad in the paper, or on a internet recruiting job site? This is what the average person would do. You don’t want to be average. When you’re looking for someone that will come into the dealership and make a statement.  When your looking for the salesman that can make everyone around them different, you have to negotiate with him in a total different way.  Most stores start this type of salesman out on a pay scale just like everyone else.  If  major sport teams did this we wouldn’t have any one aspiring to be the best at any sport, since it would pay the same weather you were great at what you do or not.  I have been the and around the car business for over 25 years and I have never experience a store that negotiate a pay plan strictly on the ability of the salesman.  It’s kind of like everyone is the same here.  So when they start guess what they end of doing?  You guess it, What everyone else is doing.  If you have a smokers section at your store, the smokers hangout together.  Everyone no matter what training and product development you start with them in the beginning end of hanging out with like mind people.  It’s human nature.  If I want that salesman that is going to commit all the way to the store being successful, then as a dealership we first must commit to them first.  What is the worse that can happen if you pay someone what they are truly worth.  They just may stay out of bullrings, stay after the shift ends, work with your customers better, be the first one in the door every morning, learn everything they need to know about your product and they may even make you more money than an average Joe will produce for you.  If you want greatness than it starts with hiring right the first time so that you never need to look again.

Now that you got this salesman in your company it’s time to teach them your way of doing things.  Please be careful not to clip the wings of this asset.  In order for people to grow and love what your about, it’s going to take time, patience, and love.  When your showing a person that you care about them, their family, and their needs, you a creating someone that will be forced to be loyal.  It moves them to be this way because your paying them what they are worth.  If you were approached  everyday from someone that was genuinely concerned about your bottom line, and making sure that whatever they could do to keep the company afloat was their wholehearted desire you would give them the keys to the kingdom.  What happens in our business are power hungry managers that demote the sales staff, but offer no real solutions.  The sales staff suffer and our customers suffers.  Your commitment has to be to the sales floor.  They are the first line of action.  Everything you do from promoting your store, to making sure every department has what is requires so that you can do your job starts with the sales staff.  Weather it be service, parts or sales.  If you fail to acquire the right person for the job  your customers will leave and give that business to someone else.  Stop hiring bodies, it doesn’t work.  Hire so that you never have to hire again.