Average Joe

Dealer Solutions Magazine

Clients are the #1 most precious commodity every business has.

Without car buyers, there would be no dealerships. There would be no cars to service. No
managers or staff to sell, fix, or detail the cars.

There comes a point when decision makers in dealerships honestly evaluate their clients
wants and needs with an open mind, with a true willingness to make positive, necessary
changes. Are you ready for that? If so, this may be helpful. ..

Pretend for a moment that you aren’t affiliated with the auto industry in any way. You’re a
“normal person” with an average income, working 9-5, 5 days a week, doing something
mundane. (The car biz professionals are thinking that sounds so boring!) You buy a new car every six and a half years in the mid thirty thousand dollar range with your average interest rate of five percent.

Ok, Average Joe, your warranty is out, your car is starting to have more costly issues, your six and a half years is up, time to get a new one! Where do you start? What kind of car do you want or need; same brand, different brand? Is pre-owned really a better financial decision than brand new? So many questions! Talk to your spouse, Average Jane, commit to driving down to Dealer Row, spending the whole weekend test driving and talking numbers with your 2.5 kids in tow. Sounds fun, right? Just kidding, it sounds bothersome and expensive, not fun.

Now you, Average Joe, arrive at the typical dealership. You park your car right where you
want, browse the inventory for 5 minutes until a wonderful sales professional greets you kindly, helps you decide on the perfect car, you love it, the numbers make sense and everyone lives happily ever after. In most cases, that’s a complete fairy tale.

This is why vehicle buyers spend an average of thirteen hours doing online research before
they even step foot in a dealership. To minimize unanswered questions and gather information they view as beneficial. Asking the internet is a better option than having to ask a car salesman!

Car salesmen are scary, fast talking creatures that smell funny and have a mysterious way of hiding thousands of dollars of pure profit somewhere in Average Joe or Jane’s car deals.
Unfortunately, that’s the general perception.

We, as accessible auto industry experts, have a responsibility to change that. Great news! It can be done! Through compassion, mindfulness and empathy it is possible. We know the car business is wonderful. It’s time for our clients to feel the same way and become advocates for us.

Average Joe deserves to be a “client”, he’s spending thirty-five thousand dollars, you don’t
see all that cash piled up but it’s there. He’s a “customer” when he spends seven dollars on a cheeseburger and fries. Average Joe wants and deserves the fairy tale scenario with his next car purchase.

Put yourself in his place, see his point of view as if he was starting to consider a new car. How accessible is your dealership to him via the internet? Once he reaches out to you, from your website or a third-party site, what’s the impression he has? Average Joe, Average Jane and their 2.5 kids come into your dealership hoping for a fairly fast, transparent, enjoyable car deal. How do they truly feel after leaving your store? Their perception is your reality.

Picture this several ways, with your best salesperson in comparison to your least favorite. If there is any chance this client could leave without a car, or feel less than warm and fuzzy about any step of your process, it’s time to re-evaluate and make things better.

It starts with us. We have the power to change the public opinion of the auto industry, one client and one deal at a time.