19th Digital Dealer Conference & Expo: One For The Books!

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The 19th Digital Dealer Conference and Expo held in the magnificent Paris Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada was surely a digital automotive experience to remember. The event, hosted October 5th-7th featured some of the most innovative speaking sessions and insight on how technology is changing the dealership-customer relationship. With over 1200 dealership personnel in attendance including those from the top 150 dealerships in the country, the Digital Dealer Conference allured some of the most forward-thinking individuals in automotive. The detailed 3-day agenda brought digital trends, automotive marketing strategy, best technology practices, and management skills into the spotlight to guarantee all attendees take back applicable knowledge and motivation to the dealership.

The conference was off to an exceptional start following keynote speaker Grant Cardone (CEO of Cardone Training Technologies) and his compelling session regarding digital engagement, creating a following, and selling vehicles through social media. The energy amongst attendees on Day 1 of the conference set such a dynamic tone for the days to come. Speaker and E-Commerce Director at Jeff Wyler Automotive Kevin Frye boasted, “It is exciting to see so many fellow dealers take ownership of measuring the performance of their marketing efforts.”

Proceeding to the start of the numerous 50 minute sessions, attendees were able to choose the most rewarding and relevant sessions based on their particular area of expertise and interest. Digital Dealer offered over 50 intensive sessions per day ranging in topics such as digital marketing, sales strategy, management skills, fixed operations, pre-owned, and data/analytics measurement. The ability to customize the conference experience by selecting sessions tailored to each attendee’s job title is what makes each Digital Dealer conference so exclusive and advantageous. “I strongly encourage dealers and dealer principals to come with their marketing teams to get the valuable first hand experience”, says John Iverson of John Iverson Chrysler after wrapping up at a session on automotive digital marketing strategy.

Throughout the conference, the Digital Dealer Expo was open to all in attendance and the environment exuded such energy and innovation with over 120 exhibitors introducing products and developments to support digital technology in the automotive industry. The carefully selected group of exhibitors “attracted some of the most progressive dealers in the U.S.” says attendee Erich Gail (Cardinale Auto Group). Both exhibiting companies and dealership personnel alike were enthusiastic about establishing new ways of incorporating technology in the automotive industry.

The concept of collaboration was fully encouraged and valued at the Digital Dealer Conference. Guests were all ears during the Keynote Panel presentations like that of “Digital Decoded: A Smarter Approach to Digital in 2016” presented as a collaborative effort featuring Peter Leto (Google), Trace Przybylowicz (Facebook), Erich Gail (Cardinale Auto Group), Quincy Armstrong (Rusnak Auto Group), Rick Ricart (Ricart Automotive), and Jeremy Anspach (PureCars). This powerhouse panel had attendees on the edge of their seats as they listened to some of the most resourceful minds in the automotive industry come together to discuss upcoming technology trends. Then, the Peer Strategy Roundtables, introduced on Day 2 of the conference gave all Digital Dealer attendees a chance to collaborate with one another on strategies and problem solving. The Keynote Hall roared with conversation as various dealership departments eagerly discussed with peers the successes and obstacles of their dealerships.

Though the 19th Digital Dealer Conference & Expo implemented three days of knowledge and innovation, it was not simply all work and no play! Digital Dealer hosted an exclusive dealership appreciation party at the extraordinary Drai’s Nightclub on the Las Vegas strip. Conversation continued over cocktails, entertainment, and a night encouraging a more casual atmosphere for attendees to connect.

The Digital Dealer 19th Conference and Expo was a huge success and dealership personnel are quickly registering for the next conference hosted January 19th-21st , 2016 in sunny Orlando, Florida at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort. For those who missed three days of intensive speaking sessions, valuable peer collaboration, and fun, the 20th Digital Dealer Conference and Expo is just around the corner.

The 20th Digital Dealer Conference and Expo will kick off 2016 with some of the most inventive and informative sessions. The conference will feature keynote speaker Dave Anderson: sales and leadership training extraordinaire and author of Learn To Lead as well as the most technology-forward exhibitors in the automotive industry. For those seeking the knowledge, resources, and strategies needed for dealership success, the 20th Digital Dealer Conference & Expo is the place to be. Registration is now open!

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