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Video – The Salesperson And Dealership Differentiator

As Grant Cardone says: “Money follows attention.” Video grabs your customers’ attention.
For the early adopters, a video isn’t anything new; many dealerships embraced this...
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They Call Him “The Pineapple Guy”

They call him "The Pineapple Guy,” and he thinks your commercials suck! Meet Brian Barlow CEO and Creative Director of Pineapple Advertising, he's on...
Dealer Solutions Magazine powered by Imperial Press Direct

Just Press Record

Every month I hear questions from Dealers and their Sales People regarding the best way to use video to reach more customers and I...

Look at Me…Oh Wait You Can’t!

People who have seen me on Auto Dealer Live or who follow me on Twitter (@konigco) know that I use video as often as possible...

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Anxiety in Automotive: Tips to Overcome & Succeed

You are at work, ready to approach a customer on the lot, and that sinking feeling of anxiety hits, stopping you in your tracks. I’ve...
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Average Joe

Clients are the #1 most precious commodity every business has. Without car buyers, there would be no dealerships. There would be no cars to service....

Social Media Etiquette for Car Dealers

Automotive social media marketing spans far beyond your dealership’s Facebook business page. Thanks to the rise in social media, many people now feel compelled to...