It’s Time to Write Better Job Descriptions

Job descriptions have long been an effective tool for recruiting qualified employees to a company, but they must be consistently maintained and updated. In...
Article by Mike Esposito

Forget Customer Experience. Employee Experience Matters Most.

It appears that 'customer experience' is still a trending topic in the auto industry. Manufacturers and dealerships continue to pour dollars into focus groups...
by Adam Robinson of Hireology

Hiring Forecast 2017: Overcoming the Technician Shortage

Experienced technicians in the Baby Boomer generation, are retiring at a record rate. With the younger workforce either uninterested or uninformed about career possibilities...

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Buying a Car Takes Too Long. What are You Doing About It?

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Network Problems? IT Assessments Offer Relief and Guidance.

Are information technology (IT) problems slowing your business down? If your dealership experiences frequent network crashes, slow Internet or complaints from employees about technologies...