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Scott Lewis, CPA

Scott Lewis, CPA
Communication and respect for our clients are trademarks of Rosenfield & Co. Those are the standards that put the company ahead of all other accounting firms. I consider our relationships with you, our clients, as strategic partnerships and friendships. Our dedication to you doesn’t end at tax season; we strive to keep in contact with you continuously throughout the year. Our relationships allow us to garner the expertise needed to serve you with a professional, yet easy-going approach. I earned a Bachelor’s degree in Business at the University of Central Florida and worked in the hospitality industry early in my career. Ultimately, I earned a Master’s degree in Accounting, as well as the CPA designation. Ken and I have worked together since 1998. In our technologically savvy and paperless environment, we have the ability to work remotely if needed, allowing us to stay dedicated to you and still have quality time with our kids. When I’m not helping clients with tax matters, I enjoy spending time with my wife and two daughters.

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