Where is the love?

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I love all kinds of music and usually youʼll catch me on Periscope or Blab.im sharing sales tips form my Mercedes-Benz while blasting hip-hop music. And today, this made me think about a little throwback tune from the Black Eyed Peas: Where is the Love.

This made me want to ask you folks a few questions: When is the last time you told someone on your team how much you appreciate them? When is the last time you gave someone on your team praise publicly in a sales meeting, in front of a customer, or on social media?

We joke about being thick-skinned as salespeople but the truth is, we all want approval from other people. We all want to feel valuable, appreciated, loved. Whatʼs really amazing is the effect that this approval will have on the morale of your team and ultimately your bottom line.

Donʼt believe me? Today, when you get done reading this story take a moment to write down one thing you appreciate about everyone on your team. Before the day is over today, walk around the showroom and shake hands with, or high five, or fist-bump every one of your people and tell them thank you for their hard work regardless of how many cars they have on the board.

Tomorrow in the sales meeting, take a moment to recognize the accomplishments of a someone publicly. If you make this a habit every day youʼll find your people will be performing even better because they will all want that public recognition from you.

Start showing your people some love and I guarantee, theyʼll be showing the love in return.