Video – The Salesperson And Dealership Differentiator

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As Grant Cardone says: “Money follows attention.” Video grabs your customers’ attention.
For the early adopters, a video isn’t anything new; many dealerships embraced this technology years ago. Early adopters include McGrath Lexus of Westmont, Continental Acura and Audi of Naperville, Smart Toyota Scion, Madison and a few dealerships the readers of this article could name. These dealerships understood that video engages consumers who are focused on purchasing a vehicle. 

My partner, Tom Gallaher and I are pleased to see that the automotive industry is finally embracing the power of video. In the past, salespeople didn’t have an intuitive solution that allowed them to shoot and process a video on the fly without the time burden of post editing. We are seeing an increase of individual salespeople searching the web; reaching out to companies like ours with automotive centric apps to help them professionally respond to their internet leads with video. These trend setters want to set themselves apart from the rank and file, and eliminate the white noise responses most leads get from some sales/internet/BDC departments. They are turning to fast, easy-to-use video, requiring no post editing, allowing salespeople to email or text content directly to the prospect. Video is the differentiator.

Dealerships service departments are starting to look at video as an ASR (Additional Service Repair) opportunity to share with their service customers. Video creates transparency, transparency creates trust, trust allows a customer to reach into their wallet at a higher percentage for the current transaction and spend more money, because they understand the repair and feel that the service they are receiving is based upon a real need, reinforcing that trust. 

Kevin Frye from Jeff Wyler Automotive Family, made an interesting comment after his review of the DD19 conference about video solutions being made available to automobile dealerships: “…These solutions provide dealers with the ability to create quick videos to send to your shoppers. We are also seeing more of these solutions which enable dealers to shoot REAL video of their inventory to post online (not stitched photos). Has the time come for dealers to hire a full-time inventory specialist that is responsible for photos, video and well written descriptions of their inventory?”

Video solutions have come a long way. Flip cams have come and gone, and mobile devices have powerful processors, high-capacity memory and high-resolution 12 – 16 megapixel cameras. Whether you decide to use iOS, or Android, there are wide-angle lens housings to help you provide a higher quality video. Cinema Mount and Beast Grip work well with iPhone 6, 6S, Samsung S5, S6 and other Android devices.

As dealerships move in the direction of taking control of their New and Pre-owned merchandising, these tools will allow the full-time inventory specialist the ability to stage the vehicle once, providing real video and high resolution photos efficiently, while providing engaging content, leading to higher conversions.

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Jim Plankey
James Plankey is the Co-Founder of Autos On Video. Autos On Video provides dealerships nationwide with inventory video, photo, human voice over, syndication, and social media video solutions for sales and service. Jim can be reached at, or 312.800.3233.