Top 3 Video Topics That Convert To Sales

Video is a spectacular, incredible tool for salespeople and dealerships alike to attract visibility and drive people onto the showroom. To maximize the power of video you must focus on conversion—on topics that bring in leads and provide a real return. There are three key types of automotive videos that convert to leads and sales:

Videos that Excite

Tom Hopkins defined selling as “the transfer of enthusiasm supported by conviction,” which is exactly why automotive videos that excite are so important.

Example: “Supercharged Truck”

A video that performed well for me was a quick, two minute, highlight of a truck that my dealership had supercharged. I showed what modifications had been made and explained some of the benefits to a supercharged system, like the massive increase in horsepower. This video got prospective truck owners excited, not only about this particular vehicle but about buying a truck and supercharging it. We received leads from interested and motivated buyers from all over the country!

Tip: When making an exciting video, be sure to show enthusiasm. There’s no way to transfer enthusiasm without actually exhibiting that enthusiasm yourself!

Videos that Compare

The next type of video that converts is a comparison video. Topics for these videos can compare trim levels (LE vs XLE), similar models within a lineup (4Runner vs Highlander), or competitive comparisons (Colorado vs Frontier). This type of video can be incredibly compelling because it gives prospective buyers valuable product information as well as context.

Example: “Silverado vs Tundra”

A video that compared two recently redesigned full size pickups—specifically focusing on their off-road performance—performed incredibly well for me. I simply put the trucks side by side and summarized some of their differences. This video got attention almost immediately upon uploading it and, while the comment section was a bit heated (with loyal owners fiercely defending their favorite brand,) it provided me with a ton of visibility and an amazing amount of interest from local prospective clients.

Tip: When making a comparison video be sure to stick to the facts. It’s understandable, especially when comparing competitive models, that you’ll have a bias, but use facts to anchor and validate your argument. No angry viewer can contest ground clearance measurements, safety ratings, or other tangible advantages.

Videos that Educate

The final type of video that converts is an educational video. This is a critical type of video that provides value to shoppers by giving them insight, context, or guidance. An educational video can provide online introductions to prospective buyers who you may have never otherwise met, and be a great tool to motivate them to come see you in particular.

Example: “How a Lease Works”

A testament to the power of educational videos is my “How a Lease Works” video. This is my top viewed video of all time. In addition to providing incredible visibility, it has prompted countless prospective buyers to reach out to me directly over the years.

An educational video also offers a great opportunity for including a call to action, or what Gary Vaynerchuk calls a “right hook.” (Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook by Gary Vaynerchuk is an absolute must-read.)  You might say “for more information about leasing contact me directly at 406-555-5060, or come see me at ABC Motors,” prompting your prospective customer to take action and call you.

Tip: With an educational video, don’t focus on post-sale topics. Videos like ‘how to pair your phone via Bluetooth,’ may only reach a customer who has already purchased. Stick to topics that will educate and interest prospective clients.