Five Steps to Inspiring Customers With a Custom Mobile Strategy

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These days, mobile marketing strategies are widespread. Fortunately, a plethora of options exist to reinvigorate old approaches. Modern consumers love their smartphones, and they’re more connected than ever. 2016 is here, and with it arrives a slew of new avenues business impactors should be looking at. A BIA/Kelsey study reveals 63 percent of actions concluding a mobile search occur within the hour. Similarly, 55 percent of decision-based purchases follow mobile searches. The “always connected” consumer relies on smartphone access, and a custom mobile marketing strategy can go a long way. Below are the best ways to redefine your mobile strategy to offer custom 2016 solutions.

Step One: Prioritize Long-Term Relationships with Email Lists

Sure, email marketing may seem outdated, but it’s entirely conducive to modern marketing. Mobile marketing strategies should offer unparalleled products and services. It should develop great customer relationships around flexible strategies. Email marketing is being reimagined. Approximately 31 percent of mobile users admit to checking their email in bed every morning. Meanwhile, 63 percent of consumers prefer email-based marketing approaches. An effective email marketing strategy, when partnered with mobile technology’s astounding resourcefulness, can drive consumers in new directions, foster direct connection and inspire future purchases.

Step Two: Use QR Codes

While every mobile marketing strategy, ideally, increases product and service value, QR codes remain one of the industry’s finest enhancement resources. They offer mobile integration to offline marketing. They offer otherwise unavailable benefits. They also invigorate and direct mobile traffic to customized landing pages. Optimization and conversion, while not at the heart of a QR strategy, are still benefited from consumers utilizing WR-based features. Unfortunately, QR codes are often mishandled. If you’re going to incorporate a QR code strategy, you should imbue it with a call to action, accompanying postcards and scan resources.

Step Three: Don’t Let Go of Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics, too, are receiving a makeover. In the past two years, IT jobs seeking predictive analytics skills have jumped over 241 percent. The modern mobile world and the business world engage predictive analytics on an unprecedented scale. The amount of newly established permanent IT jobs reflects the industry’s push to customization, too.

Companies able to push mobile-based analytical marketing are winning and they should be. Custom offers dominate the business world, and businesses able to garner buyer-specific solutions from analytical marketing have an edge in professional environments. If you want customization, you need information. Many tools exist, too, each with the high resource values needed to make a splash.

While you’re at it, check out ROKO App’s YouTube video on upcoming mobile marketing trends.

Step Four: Go Responsive

Responsive design has become the go-to solution for businesses seeking optimization, customization and longlasting campaigns. A responsive mobile campaign enters the world of fullfledged consumer influence. Website offers, e-commerce benefits and SMS platforms all benefit from responsive design, and buyers are preferring reactive platforms to otherwise “regular” realms. 33 percent of consumers begin mobile searches with a branded website. Furthermore, they make decisions quickly based upon ease-of-access and path-to-purchase barriers. Make sure your website contains videos, visuals and product features—but always prioritize
optimization. Website traffic can bog down resources, reducing overall spread and access.

Step Five: Enhance Your Strategy with Desktop

Your desktop presence should be strong, too. In fact, a close-to-equal ratio of mobile-to-desktop traffic is preferred by most modern marketers. Analytic software capabilities aside, a strong “desktop game” will outfit your marketing strategies with cross-platform options, great offers and information-based services. The modern marketing world is contingent upon information gathering, and your brand can harness incredibly effective tools.

Annual technology trends repeatedly point back to desktop, and the world’s current consumer revolves around a desktop-to-mobile mode of processing. Social media, too, plays a role, as tablet and smartphone users commonly save, share and post social media content while linking back to branded portals. Sure, smartphones may dominate the social media realm, but desktop users still constitute a huge slice of the pie.

As your mobile marketing strategy develops, be keen to appreciate leads. While bulk SMS strategies do contain a degree of customization offers, market segmentation remains one of the best ways to prescribe the world’s best strategies. Your marketing efforts, in essence, exist to serve the consumer. Products and services alike deserve customization, as do the strategies responsible for ushering in the new age of mobile based marketing and innovation.