5 Ways for Salespeople and Dealers to Partner with Uber

The rideshare company Uber has revolutionized what we have traditionally known as taxi service.  Uber has created both a rider and a driver mobile app by which consumers can summon an Uber driver with the touch of a button and an independent driver shows up in their personal car to accommodate the request.  The more I learn about Uber the more fascinated I become.  The worldwide $40 billion dollar company has grown at lightning speed and has reactionary regulatory agencies scrambling to catch up.  Some areas are embracing Uber while others are fighting.  One thing is for sure, Uber is in demand by the consumer and adds great economic impact with their footprint.  I recently took to the streets as an Uber driver to learn even more and to figure out how salespeople and dealers can benefit from partnering with local Uber drivers.

Here are 5 things you may want to consider:

1.  The Uber Code:  Uber refers to their drivers as “Partners”.  And when a partner signs on to drive for Uber the partner is given a code.  This code is given to the partner in order to incentivize the driver to promote Uber.  The partner receives monetary rewards when they refer new partners to drive for Uber and when they refer new riders to try out Uber.  As dealers, the latter is what we should be interested in.  When a new rider uses the partners Uber code the new rider receives a discount or credit on their first ride. Typically, riders receive between $10-30 depending on the current promotion for that region which often provides the new rider with a free ride.  When a new rider uses the code the partner typically receives $5-10 in commissions even if they are not the driver of the new rider.  When dealers have this code they can pass this on to their customers.  I recently shared my code: 7sng4ue with a dealer who posted it on his website as a value add for his customers while providing an easy way to get to the dealership if the customer did not have a ride.  This code can also be posted on social sites and in any print ads including direct mail campaigns.

2.  Sell to Uber Drivers:  There are already several manufacturers that offer hard money factory incentives to Uber drivers to attract them as customers.  Consider doing the same by offering special discounts to Uber drivers.  You can find Uber drivers on local Facebook pages as well as sites like uberpeople.net .  These driver forums are a playground for business.

3.  Partner with Local Drivers:  Find a local driver that will be a great ambassador for the dealership. You shouldn’t have to look far, odds are you have sold cars to Uber drivers.  Who could be a better partner than a current customer that is driving your product and demoing it more than your salespeople?  Provide that driver with some cards and brochures and bird dog them when they refer customers.  You can get their attention right away by sharing their Uber code which cost you nothing and adds value for your customers.

4.  Service Promotions:  The Uber driver will need service 4-10 times more often than a typical customer.  Provide service promotions to Uber drivers and the word will spread quick as many of these drivers are communicating daily with other drivers.  Remember you can find them on Facebook and Uber driver forums.

5.  Hire Them:  Ask any dealer and they will tell you their biggest problem is finding good people.  Uber drivers are often self-motivated, customer service driven, people persons which kind of sounds like the type of people we typically look for.  Uber partners are scored by riders after every ride and must maintain great CSI in order to remain an active partner.  As you partner with Uber drivers, you may want to view the partnership as an extended interview.  You just might find a match.

In the meantime, You are all welcome to use and abuse my Uber partner code: 7sng4ue